Brigitta zuur bessenbier

The story of Brigitta sour fruit beer

Brigitta (5.5% alc) is a fruit beer of mixed fermentation made with blueberry juice and different types of malts.

Brigitta is also named after a strong woman: my grandmother. It is the second beer launched by our brewery. Brigitta is a 'kettle sour' style beer with mixed fermentation and addition of blueberries. First fermentation is with Lactobacillus bacteria, which are also used in Flemisch red alle style beers. Brigitta is made with oat, barley and Slovenian aroma hop. We added blueberry juice for a funky sour fruit flavour. Brigitta is a beer which continues to evolve in the bottle.

Sfeerbeeld bierflesjes

About the brewery

BlommeCaes Brewery was founded in 2017 as a side project. Back then, I started experimenting with a brew package that I bought online. It did not take long before I started with my own recipes. To improve my theoretical knowledige, I followed a brewing course at CVO Brussels in 2018. With the professional help from this course, I'm now creating and improving recipes on a monthly base.

With Blommecaes Brewery, I want to stick to the rich tradition of the Belgian beer culture. For the majority of my recipes, I start with a typical historical Belgian style such as Saison, Triple, Sour beers, etc... At the same time, I try to add a modern touch, since the world around us has evolved as well. To do so, I use modern brewing techniques or I combine styles to achieve a surprising result. You should not expect an American IPA from our brewery, but we are definitely open to combine a British style with a sour Belgian beer!

Johanna Triple is the first recipe that left our home brewery and is for sale in the area around Ghent. We use Craywinckelhof Brewery who brew the recipe in larger quantities for us. Since December 2020, the assortment has been extended with Brigitta, a soured fruit beer and a Limited Edition Johanna - aged on whiskey barrels.

At the moment, we experiment with a small home brew installation of 30 liter. Our signature brews are bottled externally. In the medium term we hope to start our own 150 liter brewery to allow more recipe experimentation.

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